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Both Eva Katzler and Jess Mikhail have extensive experience in running workshops and events in schools. Florentine and Pig have developed a host of guided reading resources (which you can download for free below) for teachers to use in conjunction with the Florentine and Pig books. Designed for Reception and Key Stage 1, they include resources in literacy, numeracy, arts and crafts and story telling.


If you are interested in holding a Florentine and Pig workshop at your school, please contact us here and we can discuss the endless possibilities, from cookery and indoor picnics to story writing and shopping list making!


We recognise that every school is unique and every class has different needs. We will support you in whatever way we can.

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"Our school was lucky enough to have a visit from Eva Katzler, author of children’s book Florentine and Pig, during Book Week March 2013. Her visit was a huge success. She read them Florentine and Pig with amazing expression and interaction which kept children captivated and the classes loved the adorable characters and use of language in her books. Eva then led them in making Florentine and Pig bunting using instructions from her book. This now hangs on display brightening up our school corridors. The visit had a huge impact on the classes Eva met and many children went away inspired to write their own books. I fully recommend inviting her for a school visit."

Aylward Pimary School, Stanmore


Eva came to our school as part of our themed books and authors week, and we could not have wished for any more from her visit. Her manner with the children was fantastic and she calmly and cleverly dealt with all of the needs of any class presented to her. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the sessions and came away with lots of ideas and many more questions to ask!  All the children loved the interactive nature of the sessions, and we will definitely look forward to welcoming Eva back to our school. She was so accommodating in terms of the session layout, and even came back at a later date to sign books for the children, what more could you ask for!

Thanks again Eva! 

Merlin School, Putney

"The varying text styles, onomatopoeic language and bold illustrations draw children into the excitement. Teachers could use this story to help children to read with expression or to learn about onomatopoeia. There are simple recipes at the back of the book so that children can recreate Florentine and Pig's picnic - a fantastic classroom activity. Cooking and organising a picnic involves a a whole range of social and academic skills...children could weigh and measure, halve and quarter cakes etc. Florentine and Pig charms adults and children alike - a valuable addition to any school library"

Primary Teacher

A wonderful review from the publication 'Primary Teacher'